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Flesh 14" (35.6cm ) PVC Fisting Toy

Give boring playtime The Finger with this deliciously ferocious sex toy by Icon Brands Designed to flip-the-bird and give an orgasm, The massive toy has been designed for playtime lovers who want to graduate from large toys and penises into fisting - but aren't quite ready for a hand just yet.

Beginning with a realistic middle finger, The Finger features a super-realistic grouped finger, hand, palm, wrist, and forearm details. Sculpted from a real man's hand, this toy really is going to teach you what the real thing feels like - but you're in total control. This is the perfect way to explore those fisting curiosities you have whilst still taking smaller-steps, rather than jumping right in.

The Finger is made from a squishy-yet-firm PVC material that flexes and reacts to the contortions of your muscles like real flesh. At its base is a strong, built-in suction cup for hands-free riding fun. We advise getting well-used to how this toy feels before going hands-free, however. Take it slow to make the most of this daring sex toy. We know that you're going to love it.

This waterproof can be used in the bath, the shower - or anywhere you want! Use The Finger with your favourite water-based lubricant. When you've finished being flipped-off - simply rinse it with lots of warm water and one of our toy cleaning sprays. Assure that all of its lifelike crevices are dry before storing away.