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Failed / Delayed Delivery issues on both occasions I have used this site but not their fault. Resolved.


Author: P Z.

Review date 16.01.2019


order went missing, when I asked after Ten days the reply was "no need to be rude". you obviously don't check off that your customer actually receive their orders and have sub standard staff answering your emails.

Absolute last shop with this company.Very sub standard service

Good Bye
Admin comment
Hi Adrian You have obviously taken offence to us asking you not to be rude to us in your emails, we have no control over Australia Post and refuse to allow anyone, including customers, to talk to us like we are pieces of garbage. Yes we concede Aus Post lost your order, yes, we immediately took action as soon as we were alerted to this issue. We try to keep track of delivery of all of our customers orders, sometimes we miss some, but that is why we send you emails asking if you are happy with your order and delivery 5 days after we ship for this exact reason. It is sad you feel our service is sub standard as you have been a loyal customer for many years now and this is the first recorder incident. You will always be welcome back if you decide to use our service again with open arms


Author: Adrian K.

Review date 17.08.2018


Advised of defective product- no attempt to replace or rectify or apologise. Not satisfied with company response. Website not great on mobile device.
Admin comment
Hi Scott, sorry to see such low scores from you. I have checked every single email address inbox we use and cannot locate any instances where you have informed us of " defective product " the ONLY communication we received from you was this: 16/01/2018 01:09:05 Hi guys,Just letting you know I took delivery of the below order today. There were quite strong fumes (not unpleasant)--------- Without any communication from you, how are we meant to "replace or rectify or apologise" ? But, we will certainly try harder in future.


Author: scott L.

Review date 16.01.2018


Haven't recieved my order yet.
Aust Post scheduled delivery on Friday the 12th but wasn't.
Slow delivery.
Can't review product or store yet.
Admin comment
Sorry to hear your parcel was not delivered as you expected. We cannot control the amount of time it takes for Aus Post to deliver parcel, we wish we could, but we can't. We use express post for all parcels and will certainly follow this up with Australia Post for an explanation


Author: Steve P.

Review date 13.01.2018


No comment available
Admin comment
Hi there and thanks for the feedback. We are a little confused as to why such low scores as your parcel was shipped within 24 hours and has been awaiting collection at your parcel locker since the 2nd of October 2017. We appreciate all feedback good and bad so thanks again for your appraisal of our store and service.


Author: JAMES M.

Review date 08.10.2017


Leaked in the mail =(
Admin comment
so sorry to hear that :( next time let our team know straight away and we will be glad to help you out


Author: Danny S.

Review date 06.05.2017

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