We offer several different payment options here at Popper Express because we know that not everyone feels comfortable using their credit cards online but we can assure you that Using your credit card to pay for items here at Popper Express is both safe and secure. Paying by credit card is the most common way for our customers to pay for their purchases and as such we accept VISA - MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Your card details are never shared, stored or reproduced in any way by any member of our staff. Once your card details are in our system they are encrypted and protected by our COMODO 256bit SSL security system and only one person in this company has access to all areas for payment processing.This makes for the most safe and secure method of payment here at Popper Express.

When paying for your purchase using your credit card, please be aware that we may perform a manner of security checks to try and ensure that the transaction is legitimate. These security checks may add 24 to 48 hours to your delivery time and we sincerely apologise for that, but we do need to protect ourselves against fraudulent transactions and charge backs. A majority of these security checks are a one time only affair, but unfortunately, they are a necessary part of doing business.


If you are an old fashion type of a guy and don't trust credit cards online then we allow for that with our direct deposit payment method. This an easy method of payment but please understand that direct deposit can take up to three times as long to process as other payment methods depending on your banking institution.

After customers have created an account and added products to their shopping cart simply check the direct deposit icon, complete your checkout and you will be given our direct deposit banking details. If for any reason you miss these details, email our friendly customer care team and they will be glad to email you a copy of them.


Some of our customers have expressed to us that using the direct deposit method is a little tedious and sometimes they make errors in our bank details numbers, forget to write or store our banking details so on and so forth. Well we have found a solution to the issue and that is the new POLI system.

This is an Australian system that allows any of our customers to pay using their bank accounts directly. When you chose the Poli method at checkout, you are taken to the Poli secure page and given an option and choice of banks to use.

After you have chosen your bank you will be asked to log in to your bank account where the Poli system, cleverly, populates your payment details and order form and then confirms the bank transfer in real time. This is a secure method of bank transfer, it is instant and avoids the need for noting our bank details and remembering to pay us. Poli is recognised and trusted by all major Australian banks.
Please note that Poli is not an instant method of payment and it can take a few days for the funds to appear into our nominated account.

Poli is ONLY for use by customers with an Australian bank account .