Disclaimer Information
1. Customers who use this site and purchase must be 18+ years of age. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions at checkout you are stating that you are 18+ years of age. Popper Express assumes and accepts no responsibility for a customer’s age after this point.

2. Customers personal and private information accuracy is the responsibility of the customer or member. Popper Express assumes no responsibility for its accuracy. Members must take care when entering information to ensure the accuracy of their information.

3. Stock levels are as accurate as possible. Popper Express assumes no responsibility for any loss resulting from items being out of stock at time of purchase.

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6. Lost or Stolen parcels are not the responsibility of this company. Every care is taken when shipping your items and the customers address is triple checked before shipping. Popper Express does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Once a parcel is handed over for delivery to Australia Post, We Popper Express have no control as to time frame or handling of the parcel.

Should your parcel become missing or is yet to arrive we will assist customers as much as we can in tracking your parcel by launching an investigation via Australia Post. We will not replace a parcel without investigation being complete.

Additionally, should you provide an incorrect address or if the parcel is returned by no fault of Popper Express you will have to pay a new shipping fee of $10 along with another $10 Return to sender fee that we are charge by Australia Post.

7. Delivery times are not guaranteed and are only used as a guide. Popper Express does not guarantee delivery times and are not responsible for any loss resulting from delivery not being made on time.

8. Postage times are represented to our customers as accurately as possible. Popper Express assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

9. All our advertisements and product wording is as accurate as possible to describing our products. Popper Express assumes no responsibility for and loss resulting from slight misprints and slight errors such as product weights and dimensions in our advertisements.

10. All our pictures and images are the most recent and up to date images we have available. All our images accurately portray our products. Popper Express are not liable any loss caused because of out of date images being used. All images are as accurate as possible. Images are for illustration purposes only as images and actual products may vary in appearance slightly.

We do purchase the same items from different suppliers so lengths and diameters of some products may vary slightly. Popper Express will not be held responsible for any of these variations and does its best to represent their products as accurately as possible. All sizes are approximate and Popper Express will not be held responsible for any slight variances.

11. All Stainless Steel and Insertable toys are checked and examined for rough and sharp edges and manufacturing imperfections, however, we instruct all our customers to perform their own examinations before use. >

Popper Express will not be held responsible and assumes no liability for any damages or physical injuries caused by non compliance.

12. All Stainless Steel and Insertable toys are sterilized before shipping, but due to shipping and freight contamination, customers must ALWAYS re-sterilize and re-clean their Stainless Steel purchases before use. Popper Express assumes No responsibility and will not be held accountable for Infections or damage caused as a result of non compliance.

13. In the event of extreme weather conditions i.e.: consecutive days over 38 degrees Celsius in Melbourne, we may refuse to ship Leather Cleaners regardless of processing stage or priority handling status. This is purely a safety precaution to make sure your goods arrive in tact and not exploded into a million pieces because of the extreme heat.

14. All Reviews are supplied by loyal customers and are displayed as opinion only. Popper Express makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information supplied in any customer product reviews.

Popper Express has displayed customer reviews only to inform customers or potential customers of other people’s experiences with a product. We do not use reviews to sell products, endorse or promote one product as being better than another. Popper Expressare not responsible for differences in personal opinions.