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King Cock 8 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls

Explore the King Cock 8 Inch Squirting Cock with Balls and indulge your desire for a fulfilling and satisfying experience. This exceptional dildo is designed to offer you the perfect girth and a smooth flow of liquid with its easy-to-use faux-cum pump. The dildo features a bulbous head that imitates a penis about to climax, allowing you to live out your fantasies to the fullest. With the help of Pipedreams Jizzle Juice, you can experience the ultimate kinky cum-play experience that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

Length: 8 inches | Insertable length: 6 inches | Diameter: 2 inches | Materials: PVC  | Condom safe: Non-lubricated condoms  | Waterproof: Submersible  | See more...


  • ✅Great for cum-play kinks
  • ✅Strong squirting
  • ✅Includes a sample of Jizzle Juice
  • ✅Ultra-realistic balls
  • ✅Protruding tip
  • ✅Creampie without consequences
  • ✅Can also be used without pump


  • ❌PVC is porous
  • ❌Shaft can be too big
  • ❌Tedious cleaning process



Experiencing simultaneous climax with a partner is a sensation like no other, but the King Cock Squirting dildo comes very close to delivering a similar level of satisfaction. Its bulbous head is designed to imitate a penis at the point of peak erection, and the thick shaft provides fullness and G-spot stimulation.

Included in the packaging is a sample of lubricant that resembles semen and can be used with the squirting pump located at the base of the King Cock. The shaft is incredibly realistic, complete with lifelike veining, and provides quick and easy climaxes with every use.

For those who enjoy advanced sizes and powerful ejaculations, the King Cock Squirting dildo is an excellent investment in cum-play kink.

King Cock 8 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls

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