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How to Mix J-Lube Lubricant

Learn how to create a luxurious lubricant for fisting sessions by mixing J-Lube powder with water. Originally developed as an ointment for animal gynecologist studies, J-Lube's affordability and excellent qualities have made it a go-to choice for those seeking smooth, high-quality lubrication during intense play sessions. Its unique composition is particularly suited for use with large dildos or in fisting sessions. For more information about J-Lube, check out our recipe for creating this premium lubricant and discover a new way to enhance your pleasure

This is How to mix J-Lube Lubricant easy.

The process of creating J-Lube lubricant from scratch is simple and can be done in just ten minutes. With the following tools at your disposal, namely J-Lube powder, an empty bottle, water, and a spoon, you can make your very own lubricant in no time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to mix J-Lube lubricant:

1. Start by selecting an empty one-liter bottle, such as a sports drink or lemonade bottle, or even an aluminum sports drinking bottle. If you choose a glass bottle, handle it with care as hot water can cause it to break. Thoroughly wash the empty bottle before proceeding.

2. To create J-Lube, you need hot water. While cold water will also suffice, boiling water is ideal. Boil a liter of hot water and pour one-third of it into the empty bottle, taking care not to burn yourself.

3. Next, add two to three teaspoons of J-Lube powder to the bottle. The amount of powder you add will determine the texture of your lubricant - less powder will create a smoother lubricant while more powder will result in a thicker lubricant.

4. Carefully close the bottle and shake it vigorously to mix the J-Lube powder with the hot water. Do not worry if you see lumps in the mixture as they will dissolve over time.

5. The mixture will now be very thick, so add more water to the bottle. You can use cold water to help cool down the lubricant or add less water if you prefer a thicker lubricant. Leave some space in the bottle for better mixing.

6. Wait a few minutes (around 5-10) for the mixture to cool down and settle. Check the lubricant's composition, and if necessary, add more water or J-Lube powder to adjust the consistency to your liking.

7. Finally, your J-Lube lubricant is ready to use!

How to Mix J-Lube Lubricant

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