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Master Series Dick Stick Expandable Dildo Rod


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Have your naughty submissive crawling on all fours as you show them who the Master is! Punish and play with your partner with a realistically designed dildo on an expandable rod. The shape and texture of the dong will massage their hole as you thrust into them. A Vacuum-Grip adapter on the rod allows you to switch out the dildo for any that is compatible. The light-weight rod extends from 53 cm to 124 cm, including the dildo. Measurements and stop markers are indicated on the side of the rod. You will be able to maintain a comfortable and secure grip for better thrusting with the ergonomic grip handle, secondary foam handle, and adjustable wrist strap. Poke, prod, and penetrate with the Dick Stick!

Measurements: Dildo is 17.1 cm in length, 3.8 cm in diameter. Rod is 71 cm in length, unextended and including handles. Minimum extension is 36.2 cm in length, 53 cm including dildo. Maximum extension is 106 cm in length, 124 cm including dildo.

Material: Rod is made of aluminium, dildo is made of TPE.

Colour: Flesh

Note: Includes rod and dildo.