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Shopping with Popper Express

Popper Express is an exceptionally secure website that employs the most up-to-date technology to ensure your safety while shopping with us. As Australia's oldest independent website solely devoted to men's sexual gratification, we take great pride in providing a secure and trustworthy online experience.

We place great importance on safeguarding your privacy and have taken numerous measures to ensure it remains protected. Unlike other entities that make false promises about privacy protection, we have invested significant time, resources, and funds to develop comprehensive policies and guidelines to safeguard your privacy. We have employed top-notch SSL certificates, and our team of Security and Privacy experts have contributed their expertise in developing and implementing strategies to ensure our clients' privacy is never compromised.

The method of contact we choose will depend on the issue at hand. Email is our preferred mode of communication, as it is for many individuals. This is particularly true given the sensitive nature of the majority of our products. In certain circumstances, we may resort to texting or request permission to call you directly at a scheduled time. Notably, we also offer a convenient call-back service for our valued customers at 1800 799 256.  

We provide multiple payment options at our website including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. For customers who favor a conventional payment approach, we also offer direct deposit as an alternative to credit card payments.

At Popper Express, customer satisfaction is our top priority. However, please note that we do not have a returns process for "change of mind" purchases. This is due to health and safety regulations that prohibit us from restocking and reselling returned items. As such, we can only accept returns for faulty or broken products.

Our returns policy has been crafted in compliance with ACCC guidelines and clearly states that we do not accept returns for used, opened, unused, incorrectly ordered, joke or accidental purchases, or any other reason that is not directly linked to a defective or damaged product. Furthermore, we cannot process returns for items that have been intentionally damaged or broken due to misuse.

We are pretty flexible here at Popper Express and will accept cancellations right up until you receive your tracking number. Once you have received your tracking number we cannot cancel your order as we deem the parcel as in transit. Please use our contact page to reach out to our team with your order number and clear instructions that you wish to cancel your order. If payment has already been made, we will seek approval and return the funds back to the funding source originally used.   

At the time of placing an order, customers can select one of three freight options: Express Shipping, Regular Shipping, or Courier Shipping. With Express Shipping, parcels will be shipped using an Express network offered by one of our delivery partners (such as Australia Post). Similarly, with Regular Shipping, parcels will be sent through a Regular network provided by one of our delivery partners, while Courier Shipping entails a Courier network with services like Startrack or DHL.

We will keep our customers informed about every step of the process by sending regular email updates. Once the shipment is ready, we will send a personalized tracking link to each customer. If by any chance our emails get missed, we suggest checking the spam or junk folder first. However, in case the emails are still untraceable, customers can always access their account on our platform to view a complete history of our communication regarding their order.

Naturally! Our shipments come in unremarkable boxes or nondescript satchels, ensuring that the sole recipient of excitement upon receiving your order is yourself. Additionally, our packaging is completely free of any sensitive information that might reveal the identity of either the store or the sender.

Answering this question proves challenging since we do not handle product delivery ourselves; rather, we entrust it to the postal service and their unpredictable delivery times, subject to factors like distance and shipping preferences. While we make every effort to prepare and dispatch orders within 2-3 business days of payment, occasional unforeseen delays can arise, so we build in a margin of time for contingencies.

We extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by the faulty product. We assure you that it did not leave our warehouse in this condition. To initiate necessary actions, we require clear images of the faulty item/s along with the product and parcel packaging, including the shipping label. Please follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Take all the necessary images as per our requirements.
Step 2: Reach out to our team through email and attach the images. 
Step 3: Our management will thoroughly assess the images and take the necessary measures accordingly.

We refrain from making delivery time frame predictions for this precise reason. In the event of a possible delivery issue, kindly contact us without delay. Our team will readily intervene on your behalf and take appropriate measures. In many instances, we can obtain results more swiftly than the recipient themselves.